The reason Walm is here today is largely due to the sheer amount of positive comments received over the years from patients, clients, strangers, family and friends!

I pride myself in developing a relaxed rapport with anyone I meet using humour when appropriate and providing professional advice at all times in my own unique manner.

Below are some testimonials from my clients.

If you would like to leave any feedback do please email!! This is a valuable way for the services to be evaluated and changed if required in order to provide the best support.

Many Thanks for all the positive feedback!

 I really must share this wonderful woman with you all. I met Wendy at a depression and anxiety workshop a couple of months ago and got chatting to her. She was there professionally and I was there for personal reasons. I truly believe that striking conversation with this woman was the best thing I did that day. I've been seeing Wendy now for a couple of months and the changes she has been helping me initiate are incredible. I have every faith in her and know that whilst my journey has only just begun she knows her stuff and is supporting me through some tough changes. If you want to make changes to your health book an appointment!! 

Joanne, Milton Keynes

Wendy helped me during the time I was struggling with Post Natal Depression, she provided amazing support and helped me to broaden my horizons. I will be forever grateful.

Katrina, Milton Keynes

Wendy has made me see where I was in my life and helped me to analyse what I needed to do to change. I am a professional who did not know what I was doing wrong until I went for a random check up! a simple blood test turned into a break down of my life! Wendy knew me within minutes and wanted to help. Highly recommend Wendy for lifestyle check up!

Helen, London

I knew I had weight to loose but after trying every diet going I felt it wouldn't happen, then I found Wendy! Thanks to Wendy I learned I did not need to diet!! I was able to sort myself out first then take the advised steps in making me better. 

Sian, Chiswick

Great Service. Would recommend.

Andrew, London

Going for a random check up has never been more fun! Wendy mixes humour with serious conversation. I am healthier than I have ever been!

James, Milton Keynes

Wendy listened to me when I didn't realise I needed to talk! Great service.

Joan, London

I have fibromyalgia and thought no one could understand. Wendy gave her time to me and helped me put some routines in place. Her positive attitude is infectious which helped me make the changes I really needed to.

Susie, Milton Keynes

Great sessions.  I have CFS I did make some changes and stuck to them!

Toby, London

I've never had such a thorough check up! nor have I ever left a clinic laughing! Wendy was great at getting to the bottom of my problems. I hadn't really gone to talk so much but I was comfortable with a professional so ended up letting everything go! A true professional wanting only the best for me. I recommend Wendy if you want to change yourself.

David, Osterley, London

I lost 2 stone with Wendy's help. I am more mindful of my choices, wants and needs in life. Before I was stressed at work with anxiety considering antidepressants. With Wendy's help I did not need the pills!

Jess, Milton Keynes

Great Service. I made some good changes!

Howard, London

Great Service. I had high cholesterol and was borderline diabetic Felt listened to and motivated. Wendy is a very positive person who genuinely wants to help.

Jean, London

Great sessions that made me see what I needed to. I lost some weight and generally have a healthier mindset in life.

Caroline, Milton Keynes