Here at Walm, I would like you to feel comfortable, relaxed...yourself. It is my goal to make every person I see a priority ensuring a good working relationship is developed from the start and maintained. 

I like to think my cost is comparable to that of a good massage, Physio or Counsellor appointment.  There are those who feel they are financially unable to commit to money being spent on themselves. I felt this way too once until I allowed myself to see my fibromyalgia as something I HAD to deal with! I payed for a few sessions of Physio and a few amazing massages and I’ve changed my life! Invest in yourself became my mantra. My message is...not to be blocked by everything else in life if you want or need to change. 

Charges for Personal Service.


Email, sms, messenger, whats app etc... all free of charge

To Note: this may include any follow up assessments or appropriate communications agreed with you. Written feedback will be given in handwritten and typed formats depending on need. Various other health related literature may also be given to assist you.

Initial 1hr consultation in clinic


This will include a thorough initial assessment of yourself, your lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Related body measurements may also be done if appropriate to include weight, waist, neck, height, BMI, BP, Glucose and Cholesterol. Immediate feedback given.

Follow up/ Pay as you go


45min consultations in clinic

Some people like short sharp bursts of contact to boost their motivation or to re-address their current needs after seeing me.


Health and Lifestyle workshops 

£ negotiable depending on needs.

For those who might like an over view of what your body is all about! Learn about you and your body clock, your needs and wants, hormones and chemicals and more! I am collaborating with other health and wellbeing professionals to create workshops that cover issues such as menopause, anxiety and depression and also how to incorporate nutrition, yoga and mindfulness to better your health and wellbeing.

Please get in touch to discuss further. Everyone is individual. Discounts may be considered.

Currently I am also looking into the possibility of Facetime or Skype recognising the ever busy person!! Watch this space, Facebook or twitter for updates!!