About Wendy

My nursing career began over 20 years ago in Yorkshire where I was born. I found myself working in all scopes of the healthcare sector. From working in the UK and abroad, I have now finally put all my professional and personal growth into a business focused on you. 
I have a personal interest in weight, nutrition and lifestyle management and a professional interest in nursing, motivational therapies, alternative therapies and basic counselling. Over the last 15 years I have developed a motivated and holistic approach to helping patients and clients move forward in their lives with regards to their health and wellbeing

Weight and Lifestyle Management has been in the making since 2005. From my experiences I believe that how we choose to live is often linked directly to the health and mental status we have or strive to achieve.

As a nurse I have worked in the NHS and also within the corporate field as an advisor in the UK and abroad. I have worked within plastic surgery, Accident & Emergency, respiratory, orthopaedic, elderly, private and general practices to name a few. I have nursed the highly professional, the NHS, private and the deprived. The malnourished, the over nourished! those with struggles in business and eating and those with struggles in general health and understanding. It made perfect sense for me to piece health and well being together to gain the best results for my patients and clients.

In 2006 I developed what I was told by my practice manager at the time the first of its kind in weight loss programmes within a General Practice in London.
I began to think outside the box of diets and costly treatments and referrals for the pre diabetics, borderline cholesterol and high blood pressure patients! Their had to be other treatments or alternative ways rather than relying on the pill our Dr might prescribe. 

Sometimes an understanding ear to begin with and a positive mentor at the side was all it took to get things going...

Most recently I have battled my own journey after being told I had fibromyalgia in 2013. I did not want the western medicine route and all the side effects I knew to be attached. Through rigorous researching I found nutrition and yoga alongside a sports physiotherapist and a very good sports masseuse! A passion for linking the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals to health conditions was found. 

Now I am armed with a deeper understanding of the mind, body and wellbeing. I also have basic counselling, weight management, motivational and alternate therapy experience and qualifications, Walm is born!