Welcome to Walm

Here at Walm you are offered a confidential space of freedom to let go of what's going on with you!

Walm aims to give you, whoever you are, that extra motivation and straight forward advice that you're looking for to either lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle.

I am a Registered Nurse with 20 years experience and I am also a Wellbeing Advisor. I offer a unique individualised service to people who need to change their weight and lifestyle but might just need a little help when their health starts to get in the way of their every day activities.

With a passion for health and wellbeing, it is recognised that not everyone needs a particular diet or pill!! Indeed I am not a fan of the word 'diet'! I get frustrated when people are offered medications they do not often understand when other options might be available.  We are told to eat this, take that, reduce stress, fat, sugar, sleep, exercise, work, pay, do, do, do but who tells us how?!!  who do we believe? and what on earth is this condition or that problem that you're now taking those pills for?! confused to begin with right!

Do you suffer with fibromyalgia, stress, depression, anxiety or obesity? are you eating and sleeping well? If you feel you are struggling I am happy to help!

I am available to take referrals from healthcare professionals wishing to refer patients who may benefit from an independant weight and lifestyle management service.  

I run a clinic on Tuesday's and Thursday's at Action Physio in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. 

There is also the opportunity for healthy living workshops which can be developed to suit your needs.

Get in touch for an appointment or to discuss your needs further. Don't let life's cogs stop you from seeing your wants and needs.

We get one life lets live it!! 

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